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Arkeo Financial Wisdom is a financial literacy non-profit that exists to deliver actionable financial wisdom to people who need guidance in their financial lives. Our roots are Catholic but our reach is to anyone who needs what we offer. That’s why our tagline is Created by Catholics for everyone.

The Arkeo Camino

The Arkeo Camino is a one-day financial literacy event rooted in storytelling and actionable wisdom offered by Arkeo Financial Wisdom. Pilgrims gather for a day of creativity, vision, and practical steps to move closer to financial freedom.

Our Vision

Arkeo is Enough

The Greek word for ‘enough’ is arkeo, and here at Arkeo Financial Wisdom, we know that money is a hard subject to talk about because so often it feels like there just isn’t enough to go around. That means that the equation for our emotions when it comes to money can look something like this: debt + fear = despair.
Debt + Fear = Despair
When debt and fear add up to despair in our lives, we can’t live in our God-given capacity for creativity and meaningful work. At Arkeo, we give pilgrims actionable and practical guidance along the way. Financial freedom involves so much more than numbers on a page, and so we teach financial literacy using a strategy that consists of something that everyone can understand, no matter their age or ability–stories.
Stories Are Greater Than Spreadsheets
Our mission at Arkeo is to deliver actionable financial wisdom through the power of stories so that everyday people like you and me can find freedom from the invisible financial bonds that weigh us down and keep us from our God-given capacity for creativity and growth.
Freedom From Financial Slavery
We believe that free people free people. As people journey toward financial freedom, our goal is to help them share their newfound freedom with their loved ones and neighbors. This happens not only through increasing our capacity to give and receive but also through equipping others to pursue financial freedom and challenging financial injustice that keeps us in financial chains. For more information on how we’re doing this, subscribe to our newsletter below.

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